You want your home to sell quickly and for the most money possible…right?

Well, the Seller will have to spend some money and especially time up front to make that happen. It starts by bringing in an Accredited Staging Professional. If your Listing Agent has that accreditation, it should not cost you anything extra to obtain that advice. If the Agent does not have the training then you will have to balance the potential cost vs the value of whom you select to be your Listing Agent.

Staging draws the potential buyer’s eyes away from the “things” in the house and highlights the home itself…the structure, the size and the uses for the space. Those suggestions can range from changing wall colors to placement of paintings and furniture. It often means removing items…not just personal pictures but could be substantial or oversized furniture items. In fact a storage unit might be necessary. “Why not starts packing now…you want to move right?”

Those suggestions might also include spending money on repairs and other upgrades. The first impression for a buyer upon arrival is critical and many investments up front can literally improve the sales price well beyond the cost. A well-staged home will improve the probability for offers. Better prices and in a much shorter time interval are your objectives. So, look for an experienced Listing Agent who also is an Accredited Staging Professional. Lee Luxury Team has those credentials.

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The key, is Boca Luxury.

Boca Luxury agents open doors for you, in every sense of the word. 
Well-versed in the Palm Beach luxury lifestyle, their expertise is both demonstrated, and unmatched.

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